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Why Is Online Jyotish aka Online Astrology Becoming So Popular These Days?

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

A Growing Trend Of Online Astrology Services

These days, astrology is a part of our cultural life and is used to gain alternative perspectives about unresolved life issues.


The growth of technology and the explosion of Smartphone users have created new avenues for Online Astrology start-ups and has made astrology consultations more accessible to people. In ancient India, only kings had the luxury of consulting Astrologers but nowadays anyone with access to the internet or smartphone can talk to astrologers from the convenience of their home.

In the modern world, more and more youngsters are turning to Astrology to gain insights into common life problems. Though science debunks Astrology, believers continue to use astrology as a holistic tool to solve their life issues. Tele Consultations by phone, email, or chat have been around for over a decade or two, used most often by bureaucrats.

Table of Contents

1.What does the word Jyotish mean?

2.What is the meaning of Online Jyotish?

3.Is Online Jyotish consultation effective?

4.What are the different types of Online Jyotish consultation?

5.What are the top 9 reasons to choose an online astrologer over an in-person astrologer?

6. How to get the best out of Online Jyotish Consultation?

1. What does the word Jyotish mean?

The term Jyotish or Jyotishya is of Sanskrit origin which is derived from the word "Jyoti" which means divine light. Jyotishya can be translated as the "science of light". Jyotish is the most ancient form of Indian astrology and is very scientific.

Vedanga Jyotish involves complex mathematical calculations to derive valuable insights about various life events. Vedic Astrology is the modern name given to Jyotish shastra.

2. What is the meaning of Online Jyotish consultation?

To mention in simple words, online jyotish consultation(also referred to as online astrology counselling or live astrology consultation, e-astrology consultation) is a professional birth chart analysis and counselling by qualified Vedic astrologers that is conducted over a number of cyber mediums such as

  • E-mail,

  • Instant Messaging viz. WhatsApp , telegram

  • Smartphone

  • In-app Messenger

that allows one-on-one interaction with the astrologer and the client in real-time.

3. Is Online Astrology Really Effective?

Yes. Online Astrology is very much effective. Many people mistake downloadable online computerized horoscopes to be the same as online astrology predictions. However, online astrology and online horoscopes are quite different from each other.

Essentially, there are two major parts in Vedic Astrology - The mathematical part and the predictive part. In the tech driven era, we have various high end Astrology software that use advanced programming concepts to find planetary positions, generate natal charts, calculate mahadasha periods and much more based on the one's date of birth and time of birth. These are quite accurate when compared to manually created birth charts which can be prone to mathematical error.

Predictive part of astrology is based on one's power of intuition and logical thinking. One needs to have the divine blessings to comprehend a person's horoscope and make accurate predictions which are beyond the scope of machines. Though Artificial intelligence has been mimicking human cognitive abilities ,it certainly can not mimic one's intuitive abilities. Best Online Astrology web apps make the best use of computers for accurate mathematical calculations while the best astrologers online deliver predictions based on their power of intuition.

Hence Online Astrology is quite effective provided the portal you choose has a panel of astrologers with good predictive abilities.

4. What are the different types of Online Jyotish Consultations?

The most common types of Astrology services offered online typically fall into the following categories.

4.1. Email Astrology Consultation:

Some people may not actually find it comfortable to speak about their problems to astrologers on the phone. Email astrology consultations are designed to cater to such people who find it easier to express themselves through words than voice. Email Astrology Consultation provides security as well as privacy to people who do not actually want to disclose their identity.

This type of consultation provides enough time to think about what questions to ask an astrologer and edit/ review the list of concerns before sending out the email to the astrologer.

Additionally, in email consultations, you do not need to worry about a pre- determined time frame to ask a question to the astrologer, as emails can be written at any time depending on your convenience.

4.2. Instant Messaging Astrology Consultation:

Instant messaging astrological consultation is quite similar to Email astrology consultation. In this type of astrology counselling, the client and the astrologer chat using various instant messenger services like WhatsApp, botim, telegram, Snapchat, etc. at a pre-arranged time slot.

Instant Messaging Astro consultation has the advantage of receiving instant answers to life's most pressing issues when compared to email astrology consultation. Online astrology chat is more convenient and accessible while having an option to remain anonymous and private. It is definitely a great option for people looking to avail hassle-free best astrological services.

4.3. Phone Astrology Consultation

Astrology on the phone is the best alternative to face-to-face astrological counselling. Just like other types of astrology consultations, phone astrology consultation sessions are pre-scheduled after buying the prepaid Astro talk time from the website. The astrologer calls the client as per the appointment schedule and provides astrological guidance for the chosen length of time.

Phone astrology consultation is becoming most popular due to the increased number of mobile phone users. Almost every smartphone user has easy access to the internet and it eases the process of scheduling appointments with astrologers online at one's convenience.

4.5. In app Messenger Astrology Consultation

In-app messenger consultation works similar to instant messaging consultation. This type of interaction with an astrologer is also known as astrology chat online or chat with an astrologer. Here, the interaction between the astrologer and the client takes place on an astrology app which is generally a customized technology that allows instant conversation between the astrologer and the client. The astrology app chat offers higher privacy and security when compared to social messengers which can track customer insights.

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5.What are the top 9 reasons to choose online astrology consultation over in-person astrology consultation?

Here are the 9 reasons why online astrology consultation is becoming a standard practice to talk to astrologers over face to face astrology consultations.

5.1. Convenient & Approachable 24/7

Convenience is the biggest perk of Online Astrology consultation. Anyone irrespective of age can talk to astrologers from the comfort of home at their convenient time. One need not wait till the Astrology center opens the next day. The Best online Astrologers are approachable 24/7 at a click of a button.

5.2. Time Saving :

When you choose to speak to an astrologer online, you don't have to worry about time you waste in travelling to the astrologer's office in bad traffic.

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Additionally you can save your fuel bills and also enjoy no stress, no pollution, no wait time astrology consultation experience from anywhere in the world.

5.3. Appointment Flexibility:

Another great advantage of Online Jyotishyam is the flexibility that comes with scheduling appointments with an astrologer. A lot of people find it difficult to schedule astrology appointments that are convenient for them. Either they find it difficult to take time off from their regular office hours during the day or they don't want to spend the evening family time driving in peak traffic to meet an astrologer. By using an online astrology portal, one can ask a question to an astrologer about career, marriage, money, health, marriage, love problems etc without worrying about scheduling appointments. Individuals can talk to astrologers at a time that is convenient for them. All that needs to be done is to login to an astrology app or astrology website from a computer, smartphone or tablet and schedule a live astrology consultation.

5.4. Cost Effective:

Online Astrology websites offer consultation with best Indian astrologers at a reasonable price compared to traditional in person consultations . You will have an option to choose among Top Astrologers in India who fits well into your budget. This way you will have better control on the money you want to spend behind a consultation.

5.5. Greater Selection Of Best Astrologers:

In the online astrology space, customers have an option to choose from the panel of best Indian astrologers in India . Best astrology websites in India provide you with astrologers having expertise in various branches of astrology such as Numerology, Vastu consultancy ,gem therapy, fengshui etc under one roof .Online platform gives you the freedom to find Best astrologer who can solve your problems accurately.

5.6. Privacy and Anonymity:

Best Online Astrology Websites use secure servers and systems. Protection of Privacy and confidentiality of personal data is one of the most important aspects of online astrology consultation. One must read the privacy policy of the website before availing any of their services. One can go anonymous or opt not to disclose their real name in the input details.

5.7. Astrology Consultation From Remote Location:

Online jyotish consultations have no geographical barrier. People from any corner of the world can talk to astrologers with the help of secured internet connectivity. Technology and innovation have certainly transformed the lives of people for better by bridging the distance.

5.8. No Need To Fear Judgement:

Not everybody finds it comfortable to discuss sensitive topics such as money issues, romantic affairs, family problems, business problems etc. Some people one actually meet the astrologer in person as one might get conscious and fear the judgement. However, online astrology websites provide a comfortable space for people to open up about sensitive issues without feeling awkward. than

5.9. People With Physical Limitations Can Approach Easily :

Onset of the pandemic has profoundly changed the lives of people and has caused tremendous human suffering. It has impacted the health and income of People across the globe. Elderly and women are suffering the most as it has affected their social relations and challenges their sense of belonging. Talking to an astrologer and discussing various life issues is a therapy in itself and can aid in physical and emotional well being of people who are home bound.

6. How to get the best out of Online Jyotish Consultation?

We have already understood from the content of this article that Online Jyotish offers many benefits to the people. The following tips can help in getting the best out of the Online Astrology Sessions especially for a first- time user of an online astrology website.

6.1. Do some research about the authenticity of the astrology website.

The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. The first step is to find an authentic astrology website. Once you have found a good astrology website, part of the work is already done. This can be achieved through some internet research and reference.It is important to know the professional competence of the astrologer before booking the astrology consultation.

6.2. Choose the right type of Online Jyotish.

Select the type of consultation that suits you the best. For instance, some people might be comfortable talking to an astrologer on the phone while others might find it convenient to seek an email astrology consultation.

6.3. Navigate through the astrology website's UX and get comfortable with it.

Dealing with Online Astrology consultations can be new to many people and it takes time to get comfortable to operate it effectively. It is always a good idea to browse the astrology site thoroughly and understand the functionality before deciding upon availing an astrology consultation.

6.4. Discuss the fees.

It is advisable to have clarity about the astrologer's fee before finalizing the online consultation. It is also important to check if the website uses a reliable payment gateway before making the payment.

6.5. Check the data privacy policy the website offers

To ensure that your identity remains safe, it is important to understand how the astrology app processes your data .The Privacy policy is an integral part of every good website and it is advisable to go through it thoroughly before availing of the services.

6.6. Check if they have good customer support

Good customer support plays an important role when it comes to a smooth online astrology experience. In any online medium, professionalism and responsiveness play a vital role. It is always a great idea to communicate with the support team and understand the company before availing of an astrology session online.

6.7. Have realistic expectations

Online Astrology is a great way to gain insights about common life problems but not a magic wand to cure-all. However, if you expect immediate relief from life's problems, after astrology consultation, you would be certainly disappointed. An astrologer is no god and astrological remedies work depending on one's karmic baggage. Jyotish is a divine science and it is good to set realistic expectations. Remember that it takes time to burn bad karma.

In Conclusion

The Online Astrology consultations offer a great convenience and accessibility which can often be the best choice considering our busy schedule. Technology assisted astrology applications have made it easier for people to access the best online astrologers with great predictive abilities , at a click of a button. The popularity of Online jyotish, particularly among the new generation can be linked to the obsession of self-awareness and curiosity to find answers to ongoing social and economic upheavals. The current situation with pandemic also means that online astrology is the best tool to understand the deeper roots to our life challenges.

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