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Pooja Event Co-ordinator

Job Profile Responsibilities


  • Help manage and coordinate various spiritual Events and activities in partnership with the priests, suppliers, and clients

  • The right candidate will have strong multi-tasking skills, excellent technical and social media skills, able to problem solve and thrive in a fast-paced environment, and adaptable to various business needs.

  • Work with vendors in the orchestration of a wide range of events-related programs including Vedic pooja services.

  • Manage virtual pooja services, reporting, and communication

  • Actively measure, monitor, and adjust resources and activities to maintain a good customer/prospect relationship

  • Must be a flexible and creative individual capable of leading and managing multiple priorities and projects at a fast pace

  • To be a tech-savvy assistant to organize zoom, Google meetings, and all live streaming

  • Demonstrate active awareness, with the ability to initiate, observe and listen to interactions and process this input to adjust a course of action.


Candidate Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree required (Marketing, Communications or a related field preferred).

  • An ideal candidate would be someone who has some experience ( 1-2 years ) of working with a similar profile

  • Freshers will be considered if they can demonstrate their ability to pick up the above technologies, in quick time, under our guidance.

  • Analytical and resourceful, able to problem solve and remain calm under pressure

  • Acumen with creating dynamic experiences that delight and wow audiences.

  • Detail-oriented and deadline-driven, with very strong project management and meticulous organizational skills.

  • Team player with strong verbal and written communication aptitude and technical knowledge who easily can wear multiple hats and thrives on figuring things out and working in a nimble work environment.

  • The ability to form and develop productive relationships both within the company, external vendors, and customers

  • Commitment to quality, accuracy, consistency, and integrity.

  • Creative thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit and strong implementation ability.

  • Highly-responsive, attentive, and quick to react to new and urgent requests.

  • Keen ability to keep track of and manage minutiae in a dynamic environment.

  • Highly motivated, resourceful problem solver with a positive attitude, who is also calm under pressure and has a great sense of humor.

  • Technically proficient, familiarity with Google meet, zoom, Facebook lives, youtube live, etc.

The position is open only to those who are looking at a long-term association with our firm and can provide a written commitment to abide by it.

Based on your demonstrated capabilities, we will offer and match the best salaries in this industry

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